Sadie Nine

Sadie presents The Afternoon Show on BBC Essex, Monday to Thursday 2pm – 6pm.  Her infectious laugh and personality have won her a Gold ‘Gillard’, an ‘RTS’ TV award, and a nomination for a ‘Sony’ – the radio ‘Oscars’.

Sadie loves radio and has presented shows on BBC Radio London and LBC and has presented many times on BBC London’s ‘Inside Out’ and Look East News, but, Sadie actually began her career as a singer.

She had a number 4 in the U.S. Clubplay Chart and 22 in their 12” sales chart with ‘Let’s Work It Out’ – still available on Ebay! She became a ‘popstar’ in the then USSR, where she appeared live to audiences of 10,000 and TV audiences of 100 MILLION!

Sadie went on to headline a show in China for 5 months and starred in several West End Shows alongside names such as Shane Richie, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Hannah Waddingham, Ross Kemp & many more, but then, presenting on the radio took over.

Three years ago Sadie was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. Operations and chemo followed. Sadie shared her experience with her listeners, hoping it may help others who are facing the same thing, and, her listeners are definitely helping her get through this.

Sadie is thrilled to be involved with the ‘Orpheus Singers’ and truly believes that the camaraderie felt through singing with others, as well as the proven physical benefits, is a joy that cannot be underestimated. And, to raise money for charities at the same time makes it even more joyous!