Notice: Tuesday 5th October 2021

  • Our next concert will be on Sunday 17th October from 4pm to 5pm at St Peter’s Church, Eastbourne Grove, Westcliff, SS0 0QF. Sound check at 3.15pm & ready to sing at 4.00pm. Please see Kathie for a ticket – numbers are restricted so it is important that your guest gets a ticket beforehand.
    Uniform will be Casual – smart tailored full-length black trousers or full-length straight plain black skirt, plain black top with ¾ or long sleeves (v neck or round), choir pendant, choir scarf (teal), sheer black pop socks or tights and closed in black shoes. No boots or sandals. If you haven’t got a teal scarf, please speak to Linda Martin.  We will be socially distanced and the audience will be restricted to 75.    There will be no interval.  We will sing for about half an hour; then Janet will do a solo and then we will sing again for about half an hour. (Please see concert details for programme).
  • Margaret Gabe has very kindly  agreed to hold workshops for those members who do not read music and who would find it helpful.  Please see Margaret to get your name on the list.
  • Our AGM is on 2nd November.  Nomination forms for certain roles are on the table at the back.  Please feel free to take a form and nominate yourself or a fellow choir member.
  • As announced last week, Leigh Wesley holds coffee mornings every Saturday from 1030am.  However, this week there is no coffee morning.  It will be back to normal from 16th October.