Mezzo 2 recordings – NEW

26th September 2019:  Judith has now very kindly recorded the following pieces and they are on the website.  Please listen as it will help you to learn.

  • Ave Maria (David Bednall)
  • Be Still my Soul
  • Born Free
  • Dream Land
  • Evening Hymn and Sunset
  • Hymn to the Fallen
  • Jesus Bleibert Meine Freude ( there are 2 recordings: the second is a guide to pronunciation)
  • Lullaby of Broadway
  • Mamma Mia
  • My Heart Will Go On
  • National Anthem
  • Hush my baby
  • Nuns Chorus
  • Seal Lullaby
  • We’ve only just begun
  • Shadow Maker


13 February 2019: The following songs have been recorded by Judith and are now on the website now for you to listen and learn:-

  • A Gaelic Blessing 7
  • Bobby Shafto 11
  • Eternity 72
  • Wherever you are 78
  • The Sound of Silence 119
  • Furusato – Oborozukiyo – This Yellow Field 135_33
  • Furusato – Momiji – Brushstrokes… 135_5
  • The Poppy Red – 140

Judith Smith has very kindly recorded a lot of the Mezzo 2 parts. 

Please take advantage of all her hard work and go to the Mezzo 2 music page to listen to and learn your part.

Thank you Judith.

In addition, Melody recorded many of our songs for the Alto section.  However, some of those recorded for Alto 1 are now sung by Mezzo 2.    It would therefore be worthwhile for Mezzo 2 to check the Alto music section of the website as your part may have been recorded.