Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Choir Rehearsals

Group name: The Orpheus Singers

COVID-19 risk assessment for: Choir Rehearsals

Rehearsal day and time: Tuesday 6pm – 10pm

Rehearsal venue: Hadleigh Methodist Church    
Priority area Transmission risk Possible mitigations and actions Responsible  
Turn away anyone who should be self-isolating        
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Ask Member to do their own health assessment and stay away if:
– they have symptoms / feel unwell
– tested positive (PCR or Lateral flow)
– have been told to self isolate
– someone they have close contact with has tested positive
– are quarantining after a visit abroad
Section Leaders  
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Encourage use of lateral flow tests    
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Someone becomes unwell at rehearsal:
– Person goes home and follows NHS procedures
– Anyone who had close contact goes home and follows NHS procedures
– Person with symptoms informs committee / close contacts of test results 
– If positive inform wider attendees and venue
Section Leaders  
Provide adequate ventilation        
  Aerosol Doors and windows kept open as much as possible KC  
  Aerosol Room ventilated before rehearsals and during any breaks KC  
  Aerosol When the rehearsal is over 1.5 hours have a break half way through    
  Aerosol Overall length of rehearsal reduced to 60 minutes of 3 smaller groups for first few weeks. (When to return to one 2 hour rehearsal yet to be determined) MD & Committee  
  Aerosol Use face coverings and face mask spacers    
Clean more often        
  Surface Venue cleaned before rehearsal / after last use (to include wiping surfaces with antiseptic and using antiseptic fogger MT and Cleaning Team  
  Surface Hand sanitiser provided KC  
  Surface Hand sanitising encouraged MT  
  Surface Toilets and common touch points cleaned regularly    
  Surface Hand sanitiser provided at common touch points (e.g. doors)    
  Surface Members bring their own sheet music    
  Surface No sharing of music where possible – hand sanitiser provided where unavoidable    
  Surface Rubbish bins regularly emptied KC  
Enable people to check in at your venue        
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Venue providing relevant Test and Trace information and check-in    
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Register of attendees kept – informed if positive case reported.

Copy sent to Church contact each week after rehearsals

LM & KC  
Communicate and train        
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Risk assessment available on choir website for all members to see MT  
  Aerosol, droplet, surface 1 pager / simple instructions / expected behaviours sent to all members    
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Posters at venue reminding of procedures (e.g. wash hands, social distancing, one way systems)    
  Aerosol, droplet, surface Verbal reminders at rehearsals MT  
Social distancing / flow of people        
  Droplet 1m social distancing at all times ALL  
  Droplet No more than 2 people in corridor to toilets at a time ALL  
  Droplet One way and queuing systems at pinch points – e.g. entrance/exit    
  Aerosol, droplet Singers limit volume ALL  
  Aerosol, droplet Space well ventilated    
  Aerosol, droplet 1m distancing    
  Aerosol, droplet Stand side by side and at least 1m from person in front and behind    
  Aerosol, droplet Face coverings worn when singing    
  Surface No refreshments provided (Kitchen is closed) ALL  
  Surface Participants bring their own