AGM July 2019: Music Director’s Report

The Orpheus Singers
AGM 2019

Director of Music :  Report

This is my eleventh annual report and still I can report that we go on from strength to strength! Membership has been maintained – a steady (and inevitable) trickle of losses has been countered by a steady (and not inevitable, so especially welcome) trickle of gains. The really good news is that this last year has seen a flow of new members, many of whom have come with choral experience. I have already intimated to the committee that I think we should start to be more proactive in encouraging what I am referring to as “trickle recruitment” – not a major recruitment campaign, but a number of smaller initiatives that may enhance the flow of new yet experienced singers in our direction. The committee will be working on this over the summer months so do pass on any ideas!

I have commented over the past couple of reports on our Orpheus Singers’ ethos of enjoyable but thorough (not to say strenuous and repetitious!) rehearsals leading to memorable performances and I am pleased to report that this continues to characterise our work together.

Once again I extend my thanks to a Committee that is second to none! They continue to be a very significant part of our success as a choir – highly capable, confident & caring – and always a pleasure to work with. I would especially like to thank Marion for the way she has made the role of Concert Manager her own; and of course, my thanks and appreciation go yet again to Jan and Melody – how fortunate we are to have them.


David Clark

June 2019