AGM 2018 – Music Director’s Report

The Orpheus Singers
AGM 2018


Director of Music :  Report


This is my tenth annual report. This last year has seen us maintaining our membership and, I think, developing in both sound and confidence. We are now midway through a most exciting series of concerts to mark our tenth anniversary – such a programme of events has only been possible because of the vision and sheer hard work of a small core of organisers but it is gratifying that the choir as a whole is supporting a more demanding schedule with well attended rehearsals and concerts. I commented last year on our Orpheus Singers ethos of enjoyable but thorough (not to say strenuous and repetitious!) rehearsals leading to memorable performances and I am pleased to report that this continues to characterise our work together.

Once again, I extend my thanks to a Committee that is second to none!  They continue to be a very significant part of our success as a choir – highly capable, confident  and caring – and always a pleasure to work with. And of course, my thanks and appreciation go once again to Jan and Melody – how fortunate we are to have them.


David Clark

May 2018


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