AGM 2018 – Minutes of last AGM 6 June 2017

Held on Tuesday 6th June 2017 at Hadleigh Methodist Church commencing at 7.30pm.

1. Welcome – Marion Orchard
At 7.30pm Marion Orchard called the meeting to order, welcoming everybody.

2. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received on behalf of Marilyn Wacogne (M), Nicky Dickens (A) and Sandie Hippard (S), Sue Kelly (S), Margaret Tickle (M) and Lynn Ross (A).

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 28th June 2016
MO said everyone should have read the AGM pack online or had been given an AGM pack for those who don’t have access to a computer. She asked if everyone had read the minutes and agreed they were a true record of the meeting. This was agreed by a show of hands.

4. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

5. Treasurer’s Report- Kathleen Curtis
KC produced two pie charts, one for income and the other for expenditure for the previous financial year. Each was divided into three segments, which represented members, concerts and running costs. The income and expenditure for the concerts and members segments were nearly the same size. However the running costs segment was not. Our running costs cover the cost of hiring the committee meeting room which we use once a month, paying for our membership fees (e.g. the National Association of Choirs, Information Commissioner’s Office), hosting our website, and other expenses and obviously the money for those has to come from somewhere.
The Total income for the last financial year was £33930.35 and our expenditure was £33913.48, giving us a profit of £16.87. The floor applauded. The downside of making such a small profit is that any money that has come in has gone straight back out again. KC said we can’t continue like this as costs are going up; venue costs, printing costs and even the rehearsal hall have increased their hourly rate, only by £2.50 but an extra £375 a year will have to be found. KC continued that as a result, we are going to have to increase the subscriptions on 1ST August 2017 from £120.00 p.a. to £160.00 p.a. This equates to £3.20 per rehearsal. KC confirmed she will be writing to each of the members individually as we pay by different methods.

MO said that the Trustees together with the Treasurer decided we would have to increase the subscriptions from 1st August 2017 to keep the choir viable. MO then asked for a proposer and a seconder for Kathie’s report and End of Year Accounts but before she did that she asked if there were any questions?
A question from the floor was raised about our music, as we had a large folder full of music and why can’t we copy music to give to the new members rather than buying it? KC responded by increasing the subs, it allows us to buy more music and cover the increase in costs. She explained the majority of the music we have in our folders is covered by copyright and therefore we cannot copy it. We have also bought music not just for the new members but also for our existing members and some of the music we are singing in our next concert is new to us all. The increase is subs are not just to cover the cost of music.

Another question from the floor asked if the choir had any savings we could utilise? KC explained said we have a deposit account which is shown at the top of the End of Year Accounts and the deposit account is already allocated and a small amount is there as a buffer in case of emergencies like; at short notice having to cancel a concert, as there would still be costs we would have to pay. In fact, KC explained there have been times when a bill has come in two weeks prior to the subs being due and she has had to use monies from the deposit account and then have to reimburse the account once the subs have been collected.
A further question from the floor asked how did we arrive at the figure of increasing the subs by £40.00 per person. KC said we had a lengthy Trustees meeting and previously we had increased the subs by a small amount which takes a lot of administering. Regrettably, some members took a long time to make the amendments to their standing orders. In addition, in order for us to be able to do some of the things we as a choir want to do in the future, then it has to be £40.00 p.a.
Another question from the floor asked if we could have some social activities like a quiz night and various other things in order to raise funds? KC said it is something the choir has done in the past and if a few people want to get together and organise a social committee, then that is fine but we do not want to get to a stage where we are raising funds instead of selling tickets for concerts. MO added that raising funds is fine but we haven’t raised subs for a couple of years and if you compare our prices to other choirs in the vicinity, we will still be cheap. MO also added the deposit account does have money in it but as Trustees, it is a legal requirement for us to have because if the choir folded, that money would be used, and the six Trustees would be personally liable for any further monies that needed to be paid out: we would have to reimburse all the choir members for their uniform depositd and/or if we had to cancel a venue or cancel a soloist. Those few thousand pounds in the deposit account are needed for a safeguard and for us to meet our legal requirements. There were no more questions. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report was proposed by Jenny Pateman (M) and seconded by Brenda Cerny (M). Choir members accepted the report by a show of hands.

6. Trustees Report – Margaret Tickle
MO said the Trustees report was written by one of our Trustees, Margaret Tickle, who unfortunately is not with us this evening but if there are any questions, all the other Trustees are here and we will try and answer them. There were no questions. Acceptance of the Trustee’s report was proposed by Daphne Bradley (M) and seconded by Marilyn Coughlan (M). Choir members accepted the report by a show of hands.

7. Concert Manager’s Report – Mo Harding
MO asked if everyone had read the report and asked the members if there were any questions regarding the Concert Manager’s report. No questions arose. Acceptance of the Concert Manager’s Report was proposed by Marilyn Jasper (M) and seconded by Pat Allen (M). Choir members accepted the report by a show of hands.

8. Musical Director’s Report – David Clark
MO asked if everyone had read the report and asked the member’s if there were any questions regarding the report. No questions arose.  Acceptance of the Musical Director’s Report was proposed by Margaret Cooper (S) and seconded by Janet Lamas (S). Choir members accepted the report by a show of hands.

9. Chairperson’s Report – Marion Orchard
MO asked if everyone had read the report and asked the members if there were any questions regarding the report. No questions arose. Acceptance of the Chairperson’s Report was proposed by Moira Al-Shaar (A) and seconded by Linda Martin (A). Choir members accepted the report by a show of hands.

10. Nomination of Officers
MO said we have two nominations; Chris Welbourn (S) as Secretary, who was proposed by MO and seconded by SL – Choir members accepted this nomination by a show of hands and Sue Latchford (A) as Web Master replacing Elaine Fisher who has left the choir and is moving. MO proposed and KC seconded this nomination. Choir members accepted this nomination by a show of hands.

11. Committee Members
MO said all the other committee members as stated on your agenda are willing to stand for another year. The proposer for the committee to continue to stand for another year was Chris Playle and it was seconded by Jenny Pateman. A show of hands accepted the committee members.

12. Election of Independent Accounts Verifier
Lucy Wheatley was proposed as the Independent Accounts Verifier by Mo Harding and seconded by Kathie Curtis. Choir members accepted the Independent Accounts Verifier by a show of hands.

13. Special Thanks
MO said she would like to thank people behind the scenes who aren’t committee members; Chris Welbourn, our Minutes Secretary; Librarian: Anne Chandler; John Redfearn: Front of House Manager and his team; Jan Fraser: Wardrobe store; Barbara (Sue’s sister): podium store. Our thanks to Elaine Fisher a member, Web Master and Graphic Designer since our choir was founded – we wish her every happiness in her new home.
On behalf of the entire choir, MO thanked our special music team – David Clark, Melody Wallace and Janet Walker. A round of applause was given by the members. MO also wanted to thank our new group, the publicity sub-committee and in her traditional way invited all committee members and publicity sub-committee to come forward to the front of the hall. In no particular order MO called: Treasurer: Kathie Curtis; Secretary: Chris Welbourn; Membership Secretary: Linda Martin; Concert Manager: Mo Harding; Webmaster: Sue Latchford; our Section Leaders: Margaret Gabe for the sopranos; Marilyn Jasper: mezzos and Sue Cussen: altos; our publicity sub-committee: Sarah Colquhoun, Jeannie Cutlan, Moira Al-Shaar, Tanya Sanderson and Lorna Leslie. MO explained our committee meets monthly and if a member has a query or suggestions please see your section leader who can then forward any item to the committee. In addition, if you have any planned or unplanned absences, please let your section head know.

The meeting closed at 7.55pm.



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